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Asscher Cut Diamond

Asscher Cut Diamond

Gemone Diamonds Is presenting you with this Superb pair of Asscher Cut Diamond Best For Earrings.


Are you searching for diamonds for making the solitaire engagement ring? Gemone diamonds manufacturer special kinds of a pie cut diamonds with exquisite color and quality.


These are diamonds made by small Pcs but when it’s clubbed together it makes look like a much brilliantly that they all make each pc which looks larger than the actual size of that diamonds.


This specially cut diamond is small in size. But when it’s co-operating together it makes look like a much larger piece. The price of these diamonds when we compare with the sizes of its GIA certified solitaire diamonds is only 1/15 to 1/20 of the cost.


So this specially cut diamonds by Gemone diamonds saves us huge money while making any solitaire jewelry. this cluster of diamonds is the one which gives your engagement ring or for any jewelry for which you prefer large size diamonds.


Everybody wanted to own the large carat weight diamond, but Gemone has known this need of people and come out with the solution to provide the people look of luxury at the fraction of the GIA diamonds.


Like each Asscher cut is creat with 9 Pcs. So, in this picture, the pair of Asscher cut is create of 10 Pcs and its weight is 1.54 Carat only. And diameter approx 9 MM. Color F to H mostly, and clarity VVS to SI. It will be like USD 50000 or more for color and grade. But here its only USD 5236.

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Additional information

Diamond Id GD 1713 Number Of Diamonds 1 (9 pcs = 1 )
Cut/ Polish/ Symmetry VG x VG x VG Diamond Type Natural
Fluorescence None Color F/G
Diamond Shape Special Asscher Cut Carat Weight 1.54 carat
Clarity Vvs1 /VS1 Treatment NONE
Certification NONE -- --

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