Gemone Diamonds

CVD / HTHP Loose Diamonds

CVD / HTHP Loose Diamonds


material diamond
type natural
color white
size 0.01 ct to 0.10 carats
Brand Gemone diamonds

Additional Information

Product Code gd481
Min. Order Quantity 10
Port nhavasheva
Payment Terms T/T, Other
Delivery Time 10 days
Packaging Details Export grade packing.

Gemone diamonds is top manufacturer of httpcvd loose diamonds. We are having huge stock of httpcvd loose diamonds in star, melee and eleven sizes. Jenu jewel is known as the quality supplier of httpcvd loose diamonds and fancy color diamonds. As a prominent httpcvd loose diamond producer, we provide httpcvd loose diamond from vvs1 to i3 clarity and make 0.01 ct to 0.10 ct size direct from our manufacturing facility in surat india. We follow gia guidelines while making and sorting diamonds, so that we can give unmatched supply of calibrated httpcvd diamond to our customers worldwide. We have got customers in more than 25 countries, all over the world. Httpcvd diamonds are also to be termed as loose diamonds, man made diamonds, synthetic diamonds, lab grown diamonds, hthp diamonds, cvd diamonds and ecodiamonds. what is cvdhthp diamond? synthetic diamond is also widely known as hpht diamond or cvd diamond after the two common production methods (referring to the high-pressure high-temperature and chemical vapor deposition crystal formation methods, respectively). Under hthp method, purest carbon is given the same environment into the lab so that it can convert into the diamond and in cvd method, the atmostphere is created which leads to atom by atom formation of diamond. details : loose diamond size : 0.01 carat to 0.10 carat per piece loose diamond color : d, e, f, g, h, i, j, to k loose diamond quality : vvs1. Vvs2, vs1, vs2, si1, si2, si3, i1,i2, and i3 loose diamond shape : round brilliant cut etc loose diamond diamond cut : excellent , very good, good loose diamond price : usd usd 160 to usd 500 per carat loose diamond origin: russia, usa ad china loose diamond type: 100% man made or lab made with no treatmentenhancement payment: regional clients can pay via bankcash. The international clients can pay only via paypalbank. Handling time: from 1 day to 7 days (varies with the order) added service: making cvdhthp loose diamonds available based

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