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Emerald Pie Cut Diamond

Emerald Pie Cut Diamond

Gemone diamond is an introducing you with this extravagant 9 Pcs Emerald shape diamond.


Pie cut diamond is made with many small diamonds. When we get to gather much small diamond in emerald shape with some strategy we can get look like a single stone. It is a cost-cutting strategy for the buyer. The buyer can save 80% of the money while buying a pie cut diamond. This one stone distribute into 9 pieces but it looks like a single piece. It’s for smart jewelers to give ornament with low prices to satisfy the middle-order customers.


Emerald cut diamonds have gained popularity in recent years as more buyers look beyond the classic round diamond. That said, they remain a rare and distinctive choice. The emerald cut is also popular among celebrities  Amal Clooney, Angelina Jolie, and Beyonce all wear emerald-cut diamonds.


So, if you wanted to buy fancy diamonds for making the engagement ring?  We manufacturer special kinds of pie cut diamonds with exquisite color and quality.  These diamonds are craft with small Pcs.  But they are cut in so much brilliantly that they all make each Pc which looks larger than the actual size of the diamond.


The price of these diamonds when we compare with the sizes of its GIA certified solitaire diamonds is only 1/15 to 1/20 of the cost. So this specially cut diamonds by Gemone diamonds saves your huge money while making any solitaire jewelry.


These cluster of diamonds is the one which gives your engagement ring or any classy jewelry which you prefer large size diamonds. Everybody wanted to own the large carat weight diamond. Gemone has known this need of people and come out with the solution to provide the people to look of luxury at the fraction of the GIA diamonds.

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Additional information

Diamond Id GD 2546 Diamond Shape Emerald Shape
Num of Diamond 1 (collided with 9 pcs) Color G/H
Clarity VVS/VS pa_pie-cut-diamond-weight --
Treatment None Diamond Type Natural
Fluorescence None Certification None

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